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BPD has worked with Isle of Man Government and Contractors to successfully complete multiple flood defence projects across the Island 

Peel wall
Waterway Maughold

Marine and coastal

BPD works with Island Aggregates to provide concrete products that are designed to meet the appropriate requirements of ISO 9001 and Product Conformity Certification for Ready Mixed Concrete and ISO 14001 Certification Product and FPC Certification under the Construction Products Directive this ensures our products perform well in the harsh environmental conditions experienced in marine and coastal applications.


Coastal defence walls

The speed with which precast concrete sea defence walls can be erected makes the material particularly suited to construction in a tidal environment. In addition, the outstanding durability and aesthetic quality of our factory produced elements adds to their suitability for marine environments.


Revetment walls

Revetments are structures placed on banks in such a way as to absorb the energy of incoming waves. They are normally found on internal waterways but can also be used to protect the shoreline. They may be either watertight, covering the slope completely, or porous, to allow water to filter through after the wave energy has been dissipated. Precast concrete can be used as individual blocks or mats, our team works with civil and structural engineers to ensure sustainablilty.


Sea outfalls

Specially-designed box culverts with increased cover to reinforcement and effective crack control provide the durability to resist the most extreme conditions and are, therefore, ideal for this type of application.


Tetrapods, tribars and dolos

Various forms of precast concrete armour blocks can be used manufactured to protect harbour walls, headlands, breakwaters and other vulnerable areas from the force of the sea. Precast concrete can be an economic alternative to large blocks of armourstone, a material which invariably needs importing into the UK. By contrast, BPD's precast concrete is manufactured on Island close reducing the environmental impacts of transportation and supporting our local economy. When armourstone is used, randomly or regularly placed specialist precast concrete elements often provide the primary armouring, since large stones alone may be inadequate or inefficient in resisting the action of the sea.


Precast concrete products are being used across the UK as part of flood defence schemes. They offer a robust and cost effective solution which can be installed quickly without the need for specialist equipment.


River Defences


We offer a number of different products for creating flood defence walls from concrete panels set in a steel framework to freestanding wall units and lego blocks.


Our gallery shows just some of the projects we have undertaken.


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