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Precast Concrete Solutions Since 1961





With over 60 years experience in the precast design and manufacturing industry.  BPD Ltd is the  one stop shop for concrete products.


Thanks to the sustained efforts over the past few decades of everyone in the concrete industry from the architect to the specialist precaster, concrete is now very much the acceptable face of construction.


Long gone are the ill-considered designs and details of the 1950s and 60s, which often led to unsightly weather staining, and in their place we are increasingly surrounded by the very best in façade shapes, colours and finishes. Certainly, not many construction materials can match its versatility and durability, with new techniques being constantly developed to increase our range.



Our concrete studio produces custom solutions to fit our customers requirements.  


We work with both local experts to create custom moulds and off the shelf German Engineered mould companies to offer the widest range of products on the Island. Visit our mould partners site reckli to see the endless possibilities available for your project.  We also use state of the art dyes to get the effects you are looking for.

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“BPD Offer an excellent range of products, they can think out of the box and provide a timely and efficent  service .”

Dandara/Heritage Homes

“We have worked with Greg and his team at BPD for a number of years.  They 'get it' their wealth of knowlege is a great asset to our business.”


Hartford Homes

“We provide tried and tested concrete to BPD Ltd to ensure the best quality products.”

Island Aggregates

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